How to Find the Best Commercial Auto Insurance in Nevada

If you have Nevada business auto insurance needs, this article will walk you through how to find the best commercial auto insurance in Nevada. First we’ll define commercial auto insurance, give you a few tips to find the best, and then you can start your mission to find insurance by comparing quotes from multiple companies.

Nevada Commercial Auto Insurance Basics

Commercial auto insurance differs from a private passenger policy because it has additional liability for your business entity. The types of coverage will be similar- bodily injury, property damage- but it takes into account the additional risk. So even if you are a small business owner of one vehicle and one driver or if you have multiple vehicles (including ones that aren’t considered a private passenger vehicle) and multiple drivers, commercial auto insurance is the way to go.

Companies That Offer Nevada Commercial Car Insurance

Not every company offers commercial auto insurance because of the risk involved with a business. Often times we think to just go straight to the leading companies for our insurance needs. However, local or specialty companies can actually provide equal coverage and service for an even better price. Here are some of the local Nevada companies to check out:

First Dependable Insurance

Mercury Insurance Group

For others, they may feel more comfortable going with a well-known insurance provider. Here are the big names that offer insurance in Nevada:




Liberty Mutual

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